ACS Computer Lab Detail

EBU3 B230  CSE Lab


42 Linux CSE lab served by ieng6

See ACMS Go to ACMS MicroComputer Support  webpage for this lab MicroComputer Support Notes including installed SOFTWARE.


> laser22

Model: HP LaserJet M606 Postscript version: 2*
Cost per page: $0.05
Macintosh CAP access: none Print queue server:

*Note: Only Postscript (or plain text) files may be sent to Postscript printers. Other formats (e.g. gif, pdf, jpeg) must be converted to Postscript prior to sending to the printer.

Peripherals and Special Equipment

Video Projector Control panel on the wall. Laptop Connection.


Map to the building ***The building is highlighted in yellow .

Room Hours

Normal Schedule

Access is controlled by an OMNI lock.  However, the lock allows entry without a code during times that students are most likely to need access. The schedule, except when affected by intersession or summer, is the following:

Sun - Thu                7am - 10pm     no code required
Fri - Sat & Holidays     7am - 5pm      no code required


Winter 2018
Day Start End Dates
Saturday 1400 2000 03/10 WIC Programming Competition Zhang
Spring 2018
Day Start End Dates
Saturday 0800 1700 05/05 SHPE Conference Martinez


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