ACS Computer Lab Detail

Galbraith 18-A  Theatre Audio


4 Macintosh Theatre and Dance

See ACMS Go to ACMS MicroComputer Support  webpage for this lab MicroComputer Support Notes including installed SOFTWARE.


There are no ACMS printers at this location.

Peripherals and Special Equipment

Video Projector Instructor Station. Laptop Connection.


Map to the building ***The building is highlighted in yellow .

Room Hours

Normal Schedule

A code is required at all times.


Winter 2017
Day Start End Dates
Wednesday 1300 1550 Quarter TDDE 141 Chen
Spring 2017
Day Start End Dates
Thursday 1000 1250 Quarter TDDE 142 Leffue
Thursday 1400 1650 Quarter TDGR 270D Leffue


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