ACS Computer Lab Detail

Village Bldg. 3 Trestles  Trestles

Computer Sets in

4 Windows  

2 Macintosh  


> laser13

Model: HP LaserJet M606 Postscript version: 3*
Cost per page: $0.05 Two Sided printer
Print queue server:

*Note: Only Postscript (or plain text) files may be sent to Postscript printers. Other formats (e.g. gif, pdf, jpeg) must be converted to Postscript prior to sending to the printer.
This location is a restricted access area or lab, check the room schedule.

Peripherals and Special Equipment

There are no peripherals for this location.


Map to the building ***The building is highlighted in yellow .

Room Hours

Normal Schedule

See department for lab access.


There are no reservations for this location.


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